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Friday 21st September 2018

As we are heading into Autumn stock up on your potatoes, squashes and root veg, our list of what is available and the price per kg is

Red and White Potatoes 9.00 per bag
Onions 0.55
Sweetcorn 1.20
White Maize 1.20
Courgettes 1.80
Beetroot 1.80
Carrots 2.10
Leeks 2.50
Cucumbers 3.00
Spinach & Chard 3.25
All Kales 4.00
Runner Beans 4.00
Cabbages 0.85 each
Cauliflower 0.85 each
Harlequin Pumpkins 0.80 each
Blue Skinned Pumpkins 2.50 each
Sunflowers 0.30 each